In some strange culmination of events, as one two then three members of my editorial staff over at The Poly Post got sick in the past month, it all led up to one really sick Dan.

I think my cold is worse than the three of em’s combined, but only fitting that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or something like that.

I got to drive home this Sunday and sleep in my own bed, instead of crashing on the couch in the post office where my whopping three hours of Monday sleep are usually caught.

Damn this shit is brutal.

But we pull through every week and get better every time.

“It’s a learning process,” Doug would say. “Solid.”

Usually PLUG will be reserved for music-specific blogging, but don’t fret if you, the yet-to-exist reader (though whenever this is read, you will exist), see some personal reflection on occasion.

But my song titles are usually going to be the name of the song I’m listening to, so that’s one thing to keep an eye out for. If you guess, maybe I’ll give you a prize.

Alright, so I’ll cut the cheese and get to the point: tonight’s artist of the night goes to The Album Leaf, this cool quiet indie group on Sub Pop. Yes, Greg Sub Pop wha wha. They started in 1998, ok? Chill.

Tomorrow I plan on meditating for exactly 4:37, the length of “The Sailor,” a musical soundscape that feels like it should be on one of those CDs you listen when you go to bed, with the choice between rainforest, stream, and waterfall.

I’ve not done much meditating, but in today’s hectic society, I think the world would be a better place if everyone allotted 5 minutes for pure relaxation. It just puts you at peace and takes the edge off.

The song also makes me want a rainstick. Man, everything musical I thought was only a little bit cool when I was a kid –- like kazoos and saxaphones and recorders and bongos and nose flutes –– are now totally awesome. Back then I thought the guitar was the coolest thing alive, especially beacuse I couldn’t play yet, but now that I play (and it’s still cool) everything more unique and creative is much more appealing. Probably because the industry is so flooded with Hotel Café crap (it’s not all bad, but there is too much of it) and overproduced Warped Tour pop-punk that anything past that is good in my book.

Being sick sucks. It’s been a week. When am I free??

The world may never know…

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