We can all breathe a proud sigh of belief today knowing that Barack Obama took the presidency.

Astounding that 2008 is a true year of progress, though highly disconcerting that gay marriage is banned for the time being. Is it odd that we can amend the Constitution with a 52% majority? Not sure where that comes from, but really…

I’m impressed by the youth turnout — 24 million, at least 2 million more than 2004. Obama really did rewrite the playbook for electioneering. I don’t think any president has made his face to the front of thousands of T-shirts worn by college-age kids. He makes a good face for Obey, that’s for sure.

—- in other news….

On Nov. 25, Fullerton’s The Living Suns will be playing U-Rock at CPP!

These shows don’t always feature bands worth talking about, but these indie prog-rockers put on a great live show. Check em out on Myspace and the buzz they’ve been generating since their recent self-titled release: The OC Register and CSU Fullerton’s The Daily Titan have been spreading the word.

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