We’re all gonna die

It’s true isn’t it?

The impending doom isn’t too far fetched these days. The job losses are unprecedented and the world is looking pretty shady these days. Good thing Obama’s in office, otherwise we’d have nothing good to talk about.

I’m pretty freaked about what to do when I graduate. I still have 100 hours of an internship to do, and I’m hoping that will be paid. And it’s supposed to be better than Metromix, where I interned last summer. The LA Times didn’t accept me, despite what I thought was an impressive resume of the internship, editor in chiefness at The Poly Post, high school newspaper experience, solid clips, and tech skills from the Apple Store. Guess that’s not good enough these days!

I’m also entering a failing industry that has no reason to hire amateurs when thousands of professionals are getting laid off on a daily basis. Media is important though, we know that. Too bad we all pay attention to the wrong shit!

Reality TV is shit. Abbreviations and “SMS language” are bullshit. As is mainstream music. I column about this crap on a weekly basis for the Post, but who knows who cares.

I’m not even down, I’m just skeptical as fuck. Maybe not as pessimistic as my friend Greg but I’ve got some good stuff goin on too.

What are we all going to do when we graduate though???? That is a scary thought. I’m not going to make it self-employed and I haven’t a clue where I might have a chance at getting EMployed. Time to start worrying? I think so.

Can’t suck the parental teet forever. At least I’m still having a good time.

One thought on “We’re all gonna die

  1. Yeeeah, having just graduated, I can say this is a pretty sucky time to be spat out into the non-existent job market. Let’s just say I know valedictorians working at Starbucks right now.

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