It’s your turn, people

In case you missed it, Thursday’s Poly Post Web site Launch Party was a big success with nearly 150 in attendance.dan-in-real-life

Not too shabby for Cal Poly standards – sorry CPP, but I’ve seen many an empty event in my days.

Along with watching free chicken fly out the door, the Poly Post editors had the opportunity to identify ourselves in person and show off a newly redesigned

I had been working all last quarter with my graphic designers, marketing director and editors to find out what we wanted to offer and how we wanted things to look.

My favorite aspect of the new site is the more modern appearance that is immediately noticeable to the viewer. High quality photos show off our lead stories with a headline to link you to the rest, and buttons above provide easy links to advertise, submit a letter to the editor or check out our multimedia page.

You’ll notice the blog button doesn’t direct you anywhere just yet. That’s because the feature is still on its way. The idea here is for each columnist on staff to develop a following through updates in between editions of the newspaper, and allow for more feedback from readers.

In addition to that, the photo editors will be displaying the talents of our photographers and offer some artistic insight in a photo blog.

Even more exciting is the long overdue campus blog that is well on its way.

There is so much that happens on Cal Poly’s campus that goes overlooked, and due to space constraints, not everything can make its way into our weekly newspaper, or any of the other university media outlets.

Expect daily updates here, as the theme is a noticed or observed around campus kind of reporting, that will also include follow-ups on big news like the ASI strategic plan, student government elections, Mr. and Ms. CPP and the university’s identity campaign.

What I hope was made clear in the info session portion of Thursday’s event was that the nine editors at The Poly Post devote a large part of our lives to this job for very little compensation.

We do it because we love it, but we would all like it to take up just a little less time. We sacrifice our weekends and meet three times a week to make sure everything is coming into place and on schedule. And that’s just the surface.

We are all qualified to be paid a lot more for what we are capable of, yet my max stipend earns me about a dollar an hour based upon my calculations.

We’re volunteering hours upon hours while most of you have the day off – from school, at least.

Before the unexpected, but welcome, accusations from the audience during a brief Q&A, we kicked off the event with a photo slideshow and entertaining video asking students what they know about The Poly Post.

The answers in the video – which is available on the home page of the new Web site – were revealing in both good and bad ways.

We discovered from a random polling of 10 to 15 students, that they all knew what The Poly Post was and each had a few favorites.

But they were definitely not very aware of our Web site, which was why we wanted to promote it with the launch party.

What students and campus organizations must realize is that the Post exists to serve you. While we enjoy sharing our opinions, we’re a group of less than 30 people trying to cover a university of around 22,000 students.

So take that into account before you start tearing us a new one.

If you don’t think we’re doing our job well, I encourage…no, I challenge you to do something about it.

Apathy is death, after all.

Feedback fuels our drive to keep doing what we’re doing, so show us some love – or hate (OK, dislike would be preferable) – with a comment, letter or e-mail.

Basically, we’re asking you to utilize us.

E-mail or to promote an event.

E-mail to get your story heard. And check out to see what’s going on around you.

Use your campus newspaper and an online media hub to reach the campus population.

Or join up and take the reigns after I leave.

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