Almost there

In T-minus 4 days from now I will be graduating college. Well, commencing. I have to finish an internship and get credits for that in fall.

The timing is a little crappy, as I’ve been a recluse all year devoting pretty much my life to the poly post, reporting and handling a full load of classes.

I can’t even forsee the end yet because I’ve had so much to do for this week. Finished STAMPEDE (The Poly Post’s summer orientation issue), had to deal with an 8 page term paper in cognitive science, a final in beer and culture, a final in psychology, and an investigative report on the city of Pomona. Too damn much. 5 classes this last quarter, paired with countless hours of newspaper-induced stress have left me feeling a little alone in this graduation nonsense. Not as close with all my friends as I’d like, haven’t talked to half of them in months, and I’m not even sure who’s graduating other than a few people close to me.

Hopefully this weekend will put me in the right state of mind. Come Friday, I am DONE.

As of right now, I can just barely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wish me luck.

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