Cobra Starship’s Hot Mess

cobra starship "hot mess"

cobra starship "hot mess"

The new wave synth-rock of Cobra Starship is back for another! Onto its third album, Cobra has gotten more produced, more poppy, more synthy and more mainstream.

It’s good at times, but it’s also bad. I’m afraid this band may be turning into my guilty pleasure. Ironic, since I’m all for music you can just dance to.

I first heard the newest single, “Good Girls Gone Bad” on Grant Damon Is A Blog. While irresistibly catchy, it’s got all the qualities of everything I hate about mainstream music: cheesy computerized sounds, talentless lyrics, and the as long as it’s got a good beat I’ll dance to it no matter how degrading mentality. While Gabe Saporta, Cobra’s lead singer, is no Lil Wayne, or Lil Mama for that matter, he’s got to be borderline selling out.

The former Midtown singer has got pop punk roots, but it’s looking like he’s sold his soul to the top 40s. Lost is a conventional rock appeal that fits right in with the ’80s-influenced synth. (In sound and fashion – check out their digs)

Found is something along the lines of Fall Out Boy meets Kylie Monogue. Calling this rock music is a little like calling Kelly Clarkson rock and roll. The only difference is that Saporta is part of a band and Clarkson has her own personal backup band. But to credit the guy, his vocal range has made some serious headway since his Midtown days. He’s not bad in person either — I’ve seen them at the Glasshouse in Pomona.

But fuck! It sure is catchy. From the Gwen Stefani breakdown of “Good Girls Gone Bad,” which features Lieghton Meester of Gossip Girl and Entourage (who knew actors could sing?!), to the call and response of “Nice Guys,” to the Patrick Stump-like singing of “Hot Mess,” the songs have some great elements in them.

The production quality is excellent. It’s just a little too excellent. If the music they’re playing sounds like it could just as easily come from a DJ or some hotshot producer in the studio, you’re not really that awesome of a band.

All we can hope is that some of that synthesizer is being played by the ever-gorgeous Victoria Asher, the most recent band member who very possibly was added purely for sex appeal. Cobra just hit the Troubadour in Hollywood, and the show was long sold out. So they’ve definitely breached the market and continued beyond being known for the Snakes On A Plane song. Which, by the way, is still incredible.

Listen for yourself below…I can’t totally figure out the LaLa widget onto embed here on WordPress, but I’ve got you a link for a free stream:

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