Reality America

Is life not real enough? Apparently, for Americans, the answer is no.

Reality TV

Reality TV

NBC just ditched 5 hours of scripted programming for scripted “reality” television. Awesome.

I turned on cable for the first time in ages, and it’s the same ollllld shit. The shit that reminds me a) why I don’t have cable and b) what’s wrong with our country on so many levels.

You turn on American TV and it’s no wonder everything is so fucked up here. One glance and you can see all that we care about: girls, cars, glory, money, beauty, and making it big.

Everything is about the ever-so challenging lives of beautiful people, mostly women, across the country. All we care about are the beautiful people! Normal people do far more impressive things FYI. We’ve got the Kardashians with a new show about what a couple sexy ladies can do with a buttload of money in Miami. The answer? Whatever they want. Duh.

Jon of Jon + Kate Plus 8 wants out of the TV show and a regular 9-5 job. He’s probably made his millions already, so who blames him?

I think even Heidi from The Hills has her own show with Spencer now, too. It pains me that I even know all this!

I admit, I pipe up sometimes looking to find the most ridiculous reality TV or pop culture craze to poke fun of, but man do they make it easy.

I mean, MTV and VH1 have completely ditched music for “reality” programming. What has the world come to?!

And a few signs of the Apocalypse, judged from my first 20 minutes of channel surfing:

– White Chicks and an third (fourth? fifth?) installment of Bring It On are on TV at the same time

– SNL and MTV reruns are just as terrible as I remember watching a year ago

– 15 years since “The Real World” first aired on MTV, reality shows dominate.

It’s cheap, it’s stupid, and it’s entertaining. So why bother giving us something worthwhile?

Well, maybe because there are SOME people out there who appreciate a decent drama or an honest attempt at comedy (Arrested Development, for one).

“Unscripted” “reality” television sucks for everyone: it takes away work from writers, eliminates jobs in Hollywood, makes audiences dumber, takes away chances for the public to experience decent programming…oh, and not to mention, it’s quite the stab in the heart to ever-sinking creativity.

On top of all that is already wrong with the world, we have TMZ perpetuating it all. This obsession with vicariously living through celebrities and invading every last inch of their personal lives just so we can get the juicy “scoop” on who they’re dating? Or maybe a glimpse of them leaving a club drunk? WHO CARES?!

It hurts. And it hurts bad. The real world (not the show) is real enough these days. Honestly.

I will never like reality television. Someone, anyone, please stop all this. Before it spirals out of control. Oh wait….

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