I think I see a pattern, Hollywood…

We’ve all experienced how the media repeats, regurgitates and reiterates itself in so many ways.

Any typical “breaking” “news” story (see balloon boy, Tiger Woods, White House party crash, and on and on) turns into an ugly mess of clichés and sensationalism on a regular basis. Who can keep track of who’s liberal, moderate or conservative anymore when they’re all ditching coverage of the war, our president and Congress to latch onto the latest scandal.

And that’s just the news media these days.

The entertainment side seems to be throwing fists these days, trying to make a hit out of something – I take that back, anything. Which is fine, I guess, to see Megan Fox’s rack sell a movie, or Hollywood picking up way too much on a trend like the latest: vampires. Gone are Buffy and Angel, here are: True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire’s Assistant, and don’t forget — The Vampire Diaries. I’m sure I’m missing a few, but you get the point.

Either way, all of this brings me to something I found pretty hilarious. A couple posters a bit too similar for (hopefully) any average consumer’s taste…no pun intended:

A striking similarity between “Jennifer’s Body” and “True Blood” —

lick in the lips left

lickin the lips right

OH…and don’t forget Six Feet Under, with the lipstick, reminding me of the above posters.

lipsticking the lips

…But the avoid the cliché award shockingly goes to Lipstick Jungle for simply showing the women and not the lipstick.

no lips here

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