From bees to bibles: real life comedy…in picture form

1. The bottom of my bill from an LA diner after going to a taping of Real Time with Bill Mahr. Apparently the servers take anything as payment — ass, cash or grass!
2. If you look closely at your Metrolink receipt, it’s really quite insulting. 1 round adult? At least I’m not square…
3. #4 getting arrested.
4. A Spidey impersonator at Hollywood and Vine over summer: Caught in a legal web
5. Good to know the staff at LAVENDA is Asian and Latina. Just another sign that people only seem to be comfortable around their same kind.
6. Free shower parking??! No way! I’ve been looking for somewhere to store my shower! Oh wait…wait…what the fuck is this place? Come and enjoy a free shower and parking? $10 off one hour? Something smells fishy here, LA…
7. / 8. These two go together — The Carl’s Jr. at Brea Mall got an award of excellence in 2007. Yet right below that is a sign saying some of the food ingredients may cause birth defects or significant harm. Yikes. Not sure how excellent that really is.
10. Apparently the honey at WINCO Foods is VERY, very fresh…
11. Taken at my girlfriend’s old church/Catholic middle school — gotta make the bible thumpers happy somehow.
12. / 13. #FAIL — here’s one for the failblog. The meters at Cal Poly Pomona read “FAIL” when they’re out of order. Now THAT’s comedy.
14. These two chairs have been sitting on top of my kitchen table for nearly a month now. My God-forsaken bitch of a roommate told me before I left for a weeklong trip that I needed to clear my things out of the common areas of our, er, his house. He moved some furniture around, bought one of those Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaners, and didn’t clean a fucking thing. But he kept the chairs on the table. Idiot.
15. Always funny — Super Trooper’s Farva LIVE at Brea Improv last night, telling a story about full frontal nudity. Nearly everyone in an audience of strangers has seen him naked, since we’ve all seen the powdered sugar shower scene from Super Troopers. Rad.

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