Pomplamoose get’s loose

In a land of constant pop culture re-hash, POMPLAMOOSE stands apart from the usual viral video stars splattered all over the Internet.

The couple, Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte, have been making “videosongs” together on YouTube since 2008.

I just discovered them on Current.com and I can’t get enough of their sweet, pop-funk-jazz medlies, most of which are covers of famous songs.

We’ve got “Telephone”, “Put A Ring On It”, “Beat It”, and even some Earth, Wind & Fire and Nat King Cole.

After reeling from last week’s Lady GaGa/BeyoncĂ© epic, 9-minute “Telephone” video slash commercial, I was excited to hear a rendition of the unfortunate song that I actually enjoyed listening to.

The Top 40 single’s substance is no better, but seeing Dawn’s soft green eyes stare plainly into the camera while boyfriend Conte bounces on the drums during stylistic edits is an absolute joy.

And both musicians are multi-instrumental: Dawn takes vocals and bass, while Conte can be seen on drums, guitar, keys, effects, xylophone and even accordion.

You can download a whole bunch of Pomplamoose cover songs for free HERE. Do it now!

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