Fashion fo-paw?

Now I’m no trendsetter or bandwagon jumper…okay, maybe just a little of each….but this latest fashion “trend” — if you can call it that yet — is seriously jaw dropping.

You’ve seen fake animal tails on humans…you’ve seen faux fur coats a plenty…furhood coats and furry Fargo hats…but you may not have seen this: straight up animal headdresses.

If you’re saying “WTF?” right now, it’s OK. I am too. I’ve recently discovered that a company called Spirit Hoods makes upscale, ‘pro Wildlife’ creature clothing for your animalistic tendencies. I can’t even think of the jokes that could result from something like this. There’s pandas, wolves, foxes, lions, zebras and even snow leopards. See them all here.

What is going on with the world these days. Every time you think it’s all been done before, some new wacky innovation comes barreling around the corner. I’m sure Paris Hilton and Twilight tweens are already on top of this….and that Lindsay Loham is wishing for one in jail…but, seriously?!

>> Update: Swear to God, I wrote that line about Lindsay Loham before I saw THIS. Guess she really is missing one.

And to make matters worse, according to major concert promoter Goldenvoice’s Twitter account, this is the company’s official mascot. I didn’t know concert promotion companies needed mascots, but if you wanna stay hip, I guess this over-the-top feral fashion is a good start.

…Now that you’re desperately seeking to unleash your inner beast with one of these hood things, Spirit Hoods start at $69 and go up to $129.

You can find em at select designer stores throughout this country and one spot in Japan!

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