You really can sample anything…

The art of “sampling” in modern music has quickly become a theme of the ’00s.

I’m a little late in the game to report that, but the craze is nowhere near dying out.

For those of you who don’t know, sampling is a technique many hip-hop artists and DJs use where they “borrow” a cut of one song and reuse the portion, often looping or repeating it, then throwing a new beat behind it or making a brand new song out of many samples.

Artists (if you can call them that…though I would!) like Girl Talk and The Hood Internet have made names for themselves strictly by cutting and pasting bits and pieces of other people’s songs and creating a new one. It’s modern music recycling and it’s nothing new. Remixes have been around for generations.

But for rappers and hip-hop artists, many rely on samples to create the background to their lyrics. Which is cool, I guess, but not so cool for the enforcing of copyright laws.

Nonetheless, I’m always amazed by the choice of songs artists end up sampling.

One of my least favorite recent examples is the poor, poor use of Imogen Heap’s song “Hide and Seek” by Jason Derulo, who made his own rap hit out of it and called it “Whatcha Say.” [Shudders]

Something not so bad, and shockingly good?

An artist known as DraMatik sampling “Sleeping?” by The Swell Season. Rapping over mushy, moody singer songwriter ballads? Interesting. Awesome. Check it out below if you didn’t already up top!

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