The viral video phenomenon known as YouTube has struck again.

And this time…it’s serious.

While the astounding summer movie “Inception” may no longer be in theaters, its finding a new life of its own through YouTube.

Or at least the trailer and its epic soundtrack by Hans Zimmer are living on…in more ways than one.

A stream of Internet spoofs have arrived once again, this time using the audio from the moody, loud and overdramatic audio from the “Inception” trailer to create a new preview for an old movie.

Not even Christopher Nolan’s other films are off limits. There are even spoofs of The Dark Night, Batman Begins, Memento and Superman Returns.

It started with UPCEPTION, a remixed “Up” trailer synced to the “Inception” preview:

Then I heard about TOYCEPTION, a mashup of the Toy Story 3 and Inception trailers:

Hilarious! Ingenious!

Simple formula: take family Pixar movie A, mix with not-so-family friendly “Inception” trailer and voila! You have yourself a comedic viral video masterpiece.

And this is how YouTube works, again and again. Someone has a good idea, makes it, uploads it, shares it and then everyone else spoofs it. It can be obnoxious as hell, but these new trailers are all pretty funny. And nothing goes untouched – the best ones are classic comedies like Dumb & Dumber and Superbad (see videos below), but anything is fair game – even LOST, which isn’t a movie, Titanic, Space Jam, Step Up 3D, Star Wars, Austin Powers, Christmas Vacation, Dogma, The Hangover, The Lion King, Big Lebowski, Star Trek and many, many MORE.

Here are some of my favorite Inception mashups – or as the YouTubers call them, Inception Style:




2 thoughts on “INCEPTION STYLE

  1. Great find. I do love film trailer spoofs. This reminded me of my favourite ever, to which I just fell to pieces laughing at again. The Comedy Trailer for the horror; The Wicker Man. Genius.

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