HOMELAND: smarter than 24, more exciting than The West Wing

HOMELAND is, by far, the best new show on television.

Claire Danes’ portrayal of bi-polar, manic CIA agent Carrie Matheson is stunning — she’s someone who has the right ideas, but no one around to believe her.

Damian Lewis is equally astounding and incredibly believable as the captured, turned military sergeant torn between his love for an Iraqi terrorist and his own family.

Having just finished the season finale, I am desperately grasping out for more of this show.

Incredibly intelligent and suspenseful, Showtime’s latest hourlong drama is far from a shoot-em up.

HOMELAND explores the intricacies of soldiers returning from war, corrupt American government and a world that is still afraid of Muslims and terrorists a decade after 9/11.

Stephen over at Pop! Blerd describes my sentiments best:

Homeland has left me chomping at the bit to pick up where we’ve left off, so much so that, at least for now, the year long wait seems unbearable.

Simply put, go watch this show. The first season just wrapped up so it will be a few months until its fully available for streaming, download or purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray.

You will not regret this.

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