Drone journalism: a hacks and hackers panel discussion

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    Autonomous drones: Something that used to be classified is now in your pocket. Thanks smart phones #hackshackers
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    At #hackshackers for a panel discussion on the non-govt use of drones for … whatever. Surveillance obviously. Reporting possibly.
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    “Open sourcing the military industrial complex. Because we can.” @chr1sa at #hackshackers
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    “Everything you see in drone journalism is illegal.” For now. #hackshackers
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    Price points: hundreds to thousands but huge price gap #hackshackers #hackshackers
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    Battery monitoring and control are big issues. You can just mow into your friends #hackshackers duck
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    “Want to document a protest? Attach a camera to a balloon. The rules are changed when you have a string attached.” – @chr1sa #hackshackers
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    Aerospace engineering not subject to Moores Law. Drone evolution will be slower than tech we are used to. #hackshackers
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    May 14 FAA needs to start expediting requests for licensing of drones. Hacks take note! #hackshackers

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