An all-day Marvel marathon for diehard Avengers fans

Movie theaters across the country will be swarming with fanboys and fangirls Thursday, May 3.

And not just fro the midnight premiere of Marvel Comic’s epic, star-studded, BIG blockbuster THE AVENGERS.

This time, the action starts an entire 12 hours early with the ultimate Marvel marathon.

Starting at 11:30 AM, diehard fans can watch all six comic book films leading up to the debut of Marvel’s now world-famous team-up.

It seems The Avengers will catapult past X-Men as Marvel’s most popular franchise, at least in movies. The film has already grossed $178 million overseas, and the marathon will only add to the buzz…and profits.

AMC Theaters seemed to have the idea first, with movie site Fandango capturing the details (and your money).

If you’re not near an AMC, there’s also:

Cinemark’s Marvel Avengers Movie MarathonCinebarre’s Marvel Avengers Movie MarathonRegal’s Marvel MarathonKerasotes’ The Avengers Anthology and the Carmike Marvel Maniac Super Hero’s Movie Marathon.

Check the pricing and the options as some movies are in 2D, others in 3D. AMC is charing $40 for the whole deal, while Cinemark is undercutting them at $20 but with fewer locations. Regal is offering 5 of the movies for $35.

Who’s calling out of work on Thursday? (Not me, I’ve got the day off!)

The six movies to be screened lead up to the midnight debut of The Avengers:

Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America
The Avengers

One thought on “An all-day Marvel marathon for diehard Avengers fans

  1. I have seen that Doc Strange movie several times and it is OK but just OK. Compared to the carblie of superhero movies fans could expect back in the day, it was a masterpiece, though. Did you ever see that Aquaman pilot? I think it was actually a student film, so in that context, well done. But for years I thought it was an official pilot, and I had nightmares.With the kinds of comic book inspired movies we are getting now Iron Man, Batman and just how fantastic they are, wouldn’t you love to see Doc Strange get the same treatment? Top of the line script, special effects, the whole enchilada? Man! I salivate just thinking about it.I realized a long time ago that even when I disagree with Spurgeon, I respect his opinion and his presentation.I enjoy Heidi’s site, but yeah, some of the comments are just too funky. Oh well, we can always just scroll.

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