Behind the scenes at Ustream: curating 24/7 live video

  1. UStream has been putting the power of a satellite truck in people’s pockets since its inception in 2005 and now established presence as the leader in live streaming on the Internet. At a #HacksHackers meetup at UStream HQ, the curtains were drawn back for journalists and coders to check out the content and technology behind the company that owns the world record for most video ingested
  2. This is what @ustream content monitors watch to keep track of potentially objectionable streams #HacksHackers
  3. plugintodan
    @burtherman @ustream‘s content monitoring is like looking at the matrix, where the man behind the screen is the architect. #HacksHackers
  4. Content monitoring was the most intriguing—and outlandish—subject of the evening. Senior Content Manager Andrew Warner delighted with his hilarious presentation about UStream’s approach to be-headings, live violence, unexpected porn, and how to avoid turning into Chatroulette.
  5. “There’s gonna be a guy masturbating and going no man that was a performance.” Banning art on @Ustream. #HacksHackers
  6. plugintodan
    It all gets back to context. At some point it becomes about sex when you’re shaking your ass at the screen. Inside @UStream at #HacksHackers
  7. In terms of content, UStream takes an old fashioned approach: real, live human beings. The business model leads with content curation for live events, partnering with news outlets and even Pay Per View events.
  8. Cybil
    RT @Ustream: We love humans here at @Ustream! Algorithms are cool, too. Just not as cool as humans. #HacksHackers

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