Control your technology, sans the remote


Gesture-driven computing, on your arm this year.

I get excited about two kinds of gadgets:

1. The kind that let us do more than we already can

2. Devices that take our daily interactions to the next level

I’m betting on MYO, a gesture-driven armband, to do both. And it’s coming out, albiet in a limited release (25,000), this year.

MYO promises to let us play our music with a snap, quite literally. A demo video shows the armband being used to play videogames, drive drones, annotate presentations, and rewind a video. It’s essentially a remote control, without the remote.

The developers of this innovative new concept, Thalmic Labs, are calling it effortless interaction. Backed with $1.1 million in seed funding, Thalmic consists of three canuks who graduated from Canada’s University of Waterloo and lifted off through Silicon Valley’s prestigious startup incubator, Y Combinator.

It’s essentially a remote control, without the remote.

Most of the devices we hear about today are just new ways of doing the same thing: a watch to check our messages or a screen of varying size that lets us use apps and connect to the Internet. It’s refreshing to hear about the occasional and potentially game-changing technology. The most exciting part about MYO is the price point. At a tenth the cost of Google Glasses, you can take your tech hands-free later this year for only $150.