Outside Lands Eager Beaver Tix Sold Out ALREADY


As of 12:36 p.m. Friday March 16, I can’t find any information or news on this other than Ticketmaster continuing to show me “no tickets available.”

Until I check sfoutsidelands.com, where I am saddened with the news that the cheapest and earliest accessible tickets are ALREADY sold out. Tickets went on sale at noon, and by a mere 36 minutes later, I came up empty.

The San Francisco Outside Lands Music Food Wine and Art Festival dates were recently announced — August 10-12, 2012 in Golden Gate Park. The Friday thru Sunday summer festival was offering Eager Beaver three-day passes for $165 and without even seeing the lineup, I was ready to go.

My girlfriend and I attended one year and I joined some friends in going to one day of the inaugural festival in 2008, the one and only time in my life I’ve seen Radiohead.

And the year I went with my girlfriend — 2010 I believe — I experienced Tenacious D. Another all-time favorite band of mine.

Sure, I could pay $52.70 ($42.50 + $10.20 in Ticketmaster fees) to see Tenacious D in Oakland at the Fox Theater on May 24 or $81.75 ($66.50 + $15.25 in Ticketmaster fees) to see Radiohead at the HP Pavilion on April 11. But that’s a lot of dough to stand alongside never-ending throngs of people, not to mention the hassle of transportation and price-gouged corporate parking (at least in the case of the Radiohead show).

So, I pass.

[P.S. Ain’t it cute how Ticketmaster is “transparent” with their fees now? They’re more explicit in showing you the additional amount you’re paying, which is admittedly nice; but still charge absorbitant amounts for no good reason!]

I’ll take a $15 club San Francisco show at Rickshaw Stop, The Independent, Great American Music Hall, Cafe Du Nord or the like any day.

But since moving back to the Bay 6 months ago and public transporting myself around in the city with my lady, Outside Lands is a definite must this year. It beats the Coachella heat, and with no travel expenses and (hopefully) a similarly great lineup, a festival experience tends to be worth it.

It does take energy, stamina and willingness to not get stressed out trying to catch every single band you want to see. But you get up close to the up and comers, and get to say you saw (or at least heard) some of the greats.

Hopefully the next batch of tickets that go on sale aren’t too much more. I’m expecting $199 instead of $165. Yargh.

MUTEMATH electrifies the stage @ The Regency Ballroom

Photo by Daniel Ucko.

MUTE MATH stopped by San Francisco last week in support of the band‘s third full length album “Odd Soul”.

Since I saw this New Orleans-based fourpiece open for emo-rockers Mae at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA, they have become a staple of in my music library.

I’ve seen them live a handful of times and these guys never disappoint on stage. From the moment I laid ears on “Reset”, my mind instantly went to Radiohead, and it only got better from there.

Mute Math gracefully slides between frenetic, synth-laden rock with hook-heavy riffs and Rhodes-style keys reminiscent of “Kid A”.

But to compare this band to any other isn’t truly worth it. The group incorporates jazz, funk, rock and soul and spits it out as some futuristic rock shit.

Taking a page from OK Go, Mute Math continues to reinvent both the music video and live show with an infusion of creative ideas that keep up with the times.

Check out some clips from Mute Math @ The Regency Ballroom and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Keeping it Current

one of current tv's hollywood buildings

one of current tv's hollywood buildings

Started my first week interning at Current TV, with the Vanguard journalism dept.

A radical group of people for sure…I hope to get in the know.

As expected, a laid-back, hip, young office vibe. But they’re true to their work and are on top of their game.

And on day 2, I got to watch porn….while eating donuts! The thanks goes to Christof, the Current correspondent working on a documentary on the porn industry for the new season of Vanguard, starting Oct. 22.

[Emmy-nominated investigative documentary series, it seems is what we call Vanguard]

I watched — well, fast forwarded through the explicit scenes and slowed down for the dialogue — “Space Nuts” and “Curse Eternal,” two “big” budget pornographic flicks. I say “big” because I’m not sure the size of the budgets nor the comparison to Hollywood films….I didn’t realize there was really a story here until today. Makes sense though – the “real” acting and art that goes into porno DVDs is being undercut by Internet profiteers in the porn biz and gonzo porn stuff.

Sex aside, being behind the scenes a very interesting company that puts out really excellent documentaries and media for the 18-34 demographic should prove quite awesome and hopefully fruitful.


IN MUSIC THIS WEEK: Because I can’t blog enough about all the artists I want to, you need to check out the latest from Mute Math, Muse, Imogen Heap and Bat For Lashes.

I heard “Backfire” from Mute Math @ The Press in Claremont tonight, which was surprising but awesome. Saw these guys open for Mae freshman year of college at The Glasshouse in Pomona. Only caught the end of their set, but I was immediately impressed: weird noises, a proggy Radiohead feel, melodic verses, fast-paced beats, catchy keyboard and guitar riffs, with a soothing Coldplay-esque voice that can lull you to sleep and get you dancing all at the same time.

>>download the title track, “Armistice,” from the widget on the right! Listen more on LaLa or Myspace

Imogen Heap and Bat For Lashes are my latest lady obsessions, both creating definitively unique sounds through synthesizer manipulation contrasting organic instrumentation like ethnic drums and chimes. I highly, highly recommend. Especially if you’re looking for something. They’re eye-openers. Also caught BfL @ Outside Lands San Francisco a few weeks ago. Couldn’t tell if the girl was hot or not! Girlfriend and I couldn’t quite figure her out. See for yourself below: